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At Pristine Clean Nottingham, we’re an easy-going family business and only want to do the best possible job for our customers. We do feel it is essential to have Terms and Conditions in place that outlay the important information you need to know prior to booking any of our services.

When you accept our quotation, you agree to be bound by Pristine Clean Nottingham’s Terms & Conditions. Our Terms and Conditions are applicable to both Residential and Commercial customers.

Cleaning Schedules

Frequency – We offer ‘one off’ window cleans (constitutes just 1 clean) as well as ‘regular’ window cleaning (constitutes at least 2 consecutive cleans on a 4 to 12 weekly basis). It is the customer’s responsibility to confirm the frequency required at the initial enquiry stage.

Early Cancellation/Postponing – If you opt for a regular window cleaning service and subsequently cancel the service prior to the 2nd clean, you will be invoiced for the 2nd clean. This is simply because the prices quoted initially will be based on a regular schedule and also covers the initial administration involved.

If you decide to postpone cleaning past our mutually agreed schedule, for example, due to building work, being away, winter months etc, once the cleaning has recommenced, we will charge the ‘initial’ cleaning price again for the 1st clean. We may need to re-quote if you have had amendments to your property.

Delays – We will always try our best to be punctual according to the agreed schedule but we cannot be held to a specific date or time (unless you have made a special request). Sadly, there may be issues outside of our control such as staffing, inclement weather and bank holidays that can have an adverse effect on the schedule.  We will always communicate with you if we foresee any problems. We ask that you be as patient as possible whilst we catch up on schedules if we have experienced any problems.

Other services – All our other services are quoted on an ‘as and when required’ basis. The quotation may show as annually but this is just a guide.

24 Hour Guarantee

We are very confident of the standard of our cleaning but of course, we are human and on the odd occasion, mistakes can be made & things can be missed. If after we have cleaned and you are not happy (please read here for more information on how we clean), please ensure that you contact us within 24 hours so that we can resolve any issues. Before contacting us, please be sure that it is the exterior of any windows that are dirty (sometimes it can be on the inside or even in between double glazed units).

Achieving our high standards, to get the best possible results, can take a few cleans. The glass can hold a lot of residue (such as soap) which you may not be able to see as well as seals that hold a lot of dirt. When we clean, as we clean all accessible frames, seals, glass and sills and therefore these areas are disrupted.

For us to reclean for free, please ensure that you contact us within the 24 hour time period. We reserve the right to charge a 2nd full-priced window clean for a call-out charge if it is found that the complaint isn’t due to our cleaning (ie – is on the inside of the windows).

Payment Terms

As we are a small family business, we ask all our customers to please be prompt with payments. Full payment is required within 7 days of the cleaning date. We will leave a card on the day the cleaning has been completed which has the payment details. If you have provided an email address, you will also receive an invoice with the payment details at the bottom.

Payment methods accepted (in order of preference):

  •  BACS (online bank transfer)
  •  Cash
  • Card (we use a system called Stripe)
  • Cheque (payable to ‘Pristine Clean Nottingham’)


Thankfully, it is very rare that we experience late payments but if payment is not received within the required 7 days, we reserve the right to charge late payment fees as follows:

Late Payment Fees: (these may be added to your account):

8 – 14 days = No charge

14 days late = 10% of the outstanding balance

30 days late = A further 10% of the new accrued outstanding balance

60 days late = A further 10% of the new accrued outstanding balance

Examples of an overdue initial balance of £20

14 days late = £2 fee (new balance = £22)

30 days late = A further fee of £2.20 (new balance £24.20) – your cleaning may be suspended

60 days late = A further fee of £2.42 (new balance £26.62) – At this point, we may have no alternative but to pass on your details to a collection agency to recover all outstanding monies on your account.  You will then be liable for all related fees and charges, such as collection agency fees and court-related fees.

NOTE: If payment is continually late and we find ourselves chasing payments regularly, we may ask you to make payment upfront prior to any cleaning being carried out.

We appreciate that people fall on hard times. We simply ask that you communicate with us and we will do what we can to agree on a suitable payment plan.


Thankfully, due to the nature of pure water, we can continue to work in the rain and low temperatures. Please have a read here for more information on pure water and its strengths. This is another reason why we offer the 24 guarantee. Therefore, you postponing our service due to the weather is not an acceptable reason and you may be charged for the service. Our regular services are all year round and it is very rare that we need to postpone for adverse weather conditions (such as high winds, deep snow & minus temperatures). In these circumstances we will contact you as soon as possible.

Ingress & Egress (entering and leaving your property)

We will always contact you the day before we’re coming to give you notice to leave access (gates unlocked etc). In the event that we are unable to access any part of your property (due to access restrictions), we will only clean the accessible areas such as the front & sides. We will not return to clean the areas inaccessible unless a full service is booked again. You will be invoiced accordingly.

If our staff member feels that it is safe to do so, they will gain access to your property by unlocking your access gate. Please let us know if you would prefer us not to do this and we can make notes on your file.

Please ensure that we have your correct email and mobile number for the booking confirmations to be sent. We all need a holiday or need to go away for work, so if you’re away, simply let us know before the day arrives so that we can book in someone else. We will then visit when we’re next in the area.

Safety first: The safety of our staff is our priority. We will clean all windows that are safely accessible. At the quotation stage, we will aim to let you know if we feel that any areas may be difficult to access. This may not always be possible and it may be highlighted once we have visited the property/site. Please do not ask our staff to carry out tasks that are deemed unsafe.

Due to insurance restrictions and liabilities, we will avoid moving items such as furniture, plant pots etc. If there are items restricting access, we may not be able to clean certain windows/doors.

If you do not have access to the back of your property via a gate, we are happy to come through your property but cannot accept any responsibility for any damages such as hose leaks, equipment knocking walls, doors or items etc. We will of course be as careful as possible but ask that you ensure the area is as clear as possible.


We can assure you that we will always take as much care as possible during the cleaning process. We and our staff do not accept any responsibility or liability for any damage caused by structural/decorative defects at the property/premises (eg and not limited to poorly fitted windows, doors, sills, gutters, fascias, soffits, window/conservatory trims, unsecured windows and doors, leaking seals/rubbers, loose stuck on lead, decorative bars stuck on glass, rotting frames, flaking paint &  open/broken trickle vents etc). The adhesive used for decorative bars over time will become less adhesive due to the aging process. If these are correctly bonded, our equipment will not damage them in any way.

It is worth noting that over time that uPVC window frames & sills will start to oxidise and slowly lose their colour. Your windows sills will be the most affected. When we are cleaning windows our brush head (made from soft plastic with nylon bristles) may remove some of the oxidation. This can seem like scratches but it’s simply where the grey oxidation has been removed. We will do our best but cannot be held responsible for returning your windows back to “as new” condition.

For further information regarding how we clean, the equipment we use and to alleviate any concerns that you may have, please refer to our FAQ’s by clicking here.


All our cleaners are fully trained and insured. A copy of our Public Liability Insurance is available upon request.


We appreciate that circumstances change and you may need to cancel. We ask that you provide us with 1 week’s (7 days) notice via email ( before the next scheduled date. We reserve the right to charge a full cleaning price if notice is not received in time.

We will send a text message and/or email the day before we’re coming as a reminder to leave any access gates/areas unlocked and for windows to be closed. Any cancellation notice received after this text message may not be acted upon and your full cleaning fee will be charged.

Right To Refuse Work

We reserve the right to refuse certain work that we feel isn’t right for us. Any payments made upfront does not constitute a verbal or written contract. We may have to refuse work when we arrive at the premises if we deem it to be unsafe or for any other reason. Any payments made in advance, will be refunded.

Our Communications with you


We may from time to time email, text or write to you about exterior cleaning services that may be of interest to you. We also like to promote special offers or just simply keep you up to date.

Service Reviews

We want to ensure that anyone considering using our service has the independent information at hand before making their choice to use Pristine Clean Nottingham. We like to be as transparent as possible and as such, we may also request reviews regarding the service we have provided to you via our validated third parties by passing on your email address (such as Trustpilot and

If you do not wish to be contacted by any of the above means, simply let us know or unsubscribe from our mailing list (this can be found at the bottom of any marketing emails).

Privacy & Cookie Policy

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We reserve the right to amend our terms and conditions without notice and at any stage.