Having UPVC Fascias, Soffits, Cladding & Gutters certainly make a great improvement to the exterior of any property but unfortunately, they are not completely maintenance free.

Like any other part of the exterior they are exposed to the elements and a buildup of dirt, grime and algae can soon make them look unsightly. The good news is having them restored to that good as new look is much more cost effective than having wooden boards and gutters sanded down and re-painted.

What function does a Gutter actually have?

The Gutters main function is to channel water from the roof directly to the downpipe and drains. The reason for this is to prevent water running down the property/premises which in time could cause damp and damage to your property. Damp within the walls could also cause health issues.

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What can cause the Gutters to not function properly?

Blocked Gutters – Gutters can easily become blocked. The process of abscission (trees, plants etc shedding their leaves) can cause havoc and can fill up the Gutters and block the downpipes easily. Birds dropping seeds as they pass by can then turn into unwanted ‘friends’ in the gutters. Tennis Balls are a regular occurrence when we have cleared Gutters. Great height for a volley but that’s all it’s good for!

Damaged Gutters – Gutters can easily become damaged. The weight of excessive debris in the Gutters that then become wet can cause a great strain on the Gutter joints and can damage the brackets that hold up the Gutters. If the weight causes strain, the small gaps can then hold debris which can make the problem worse.

Is there an easy solution to prevent problems with guttering?

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Want to know more?

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