The importance of your company brand

Companies spend hundreds and even thousands of pounds each year on their corporate/company brand. Your brand could include how your website looks, eye catching signage for your premises and vehicles, uniforms for your staff, a unified way of how your staff answer the phone and even business cards and stationery. All of these help to create a positive and unified image for your business. You know how important first impressions can be and often the first impression a customer may have of your business is the exterior of your premises. This could be when coming to see you or even just in passing. A clean exterior to your premises shows a client that you take pride in all aspects of your business.

At Pristine Clean Nottingham we understand how important this is to you and are committed to ensuring that all your windows, doors, frames and sills are left as clean as possible whilst at the same time ensuring all work is carried out in accordance with the appropriate health and safety legislation. We will always be on time and provide a very friendly and professional service.

Commercial Window Cleaning Methods

As part of your commercial window cleaning service, as well as your windows, we will also clean the frames, doors and sills. We DO NOT use dirty bucket water and rags but only PURE WATER which leaves the windows shining. The windows are left wet and will dry smear free. Using pure water is also better for our environment as no chemicals or cleaning agents are used. If you would like to know more about Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning with the use of Pure Water, click here. We can generally clean up to 4 floors high without the use of ladders. Any higher and we would need to hire in the appropriate equipment, which we are fully insured for.

5 Reasons why having clean windows is important

  1. As mentioned before, the appearance of your business premises has a reflection on how potential customers may perceive your company. Create a good first impression.
  2. Regular cleaning of your windows and doors etc will increase their longevity. A small outlay throughout the year would save you a lot of money in the long term in not having to replace them sooner.
  3. More natural sunlight. Sounds obvious we know, but cleaner windows will allow more natural sunlight into your premises, which as we all know is a nicer environment for staff and visitors alike. It can also contribute to better heat efficiency allowing more of the sun’s natural heat to enter which could reduce your heating bills.
  4. Regular cleaning of your windows and surrounds helps to keep mould and dirt at bay. This will improve the air quality in your premises if the windows are open and reduce the possibility of allergies, breathing difficulties and poor ventilation. Once mould takes hold it can be very difficult to remove.
  5. A better view. Whether we are at home, at work or out and about, we all know that it’s nicer to look outside through clean windows. It can lift your spirits, which is always a good thing for staff.

Commercial Window Cleaning Prices

As we are local and within East Midlands, this limits the amount of travelling time. We can provide very competitive prices for your Commercial Window Cleaning needs. We base our prices on the time it will take us to clean which therefore makes our pricing structure fair and competitive. For a FREE no obligation quotation, CALL US on 07787 160114 or you can EMAIL US at

Fully Insured Commercial Window Cleaners

Window Cleaning of any sort can be dangerous which is why it is important to use a company who recognises the risks associated with it. We take Healthy & Safety very seriously and ensure that our staff are fully trained. We hold Public and Employers Liability Insurance which we review and renew on an annual basis. We will be happy to provide you with a copy of the schedule upon request.

Risk Assessments & Method Statements

Health & Safety is our biggest priority. Where required, we can provide full written Risk Assessments and Method Statements for the work that is to be carried out. Only after a full assessment of the area and the work that needs to be completed, can these be issued.

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Want to know more?

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Want to know more?

Get your free no obligation quote today!